Do you want to have a cool night during the summer season?

In the summer season, people always find their mattress very much hot. The reason behind this is the nature of the mattress also it absorption ability of body heat. This may lead to an uncomfortable sleep. People do a lot of things to make their mattress cool using air conditions but got cent percent success. Along with foam mattress there are many things which you need to focus on. Here some tips to sleep cool during the summer season.

Don’t keep your curtains open

Open curtains are the biggest issue. In the night while sleeping it feels like soothing with open curtains. But when the night turned up in the day the sunlight directly enters the room and became it hot. And if it is touching your face and other body parts you will be started feeling hot. So always keep your curtains shut to avoid the disturbance due to sunlight.

Take shower before bed

Before jumping in the bed you may take a shower. Try to bath yourself with Luke warm water; don’t take shower with cold water. Warm water helps you to sweat less and also it washes your previous sweat and also help to kill germs off your body which came from the outside world. If you don’t have time as well as energy to take shower then just washes your face and feet with the water before going to bed.

 Choose the right mattress

Mattress plays an important role to make your sleep cool. Choose the mattress according to the season. Most mattresses like cotton mattresses are very much summer friendly. They don’t produce so much heat. You can also go for the hybrid mattresses as per your comfort

Avoid heavy meal at the bedtime

You should stop taking a heavy meal at dinner. They may let you sweat a lot and also keep you hot. You have to stay low and eat low-calorie food so that it will digest early and will not become your bedtime problem. It is also advised to drink as much as water you can to prevent your body to produce heat.